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My Story

Hi! My name is Olga, and I am a mother to a wonderful two-year-old boy. I became a mom at age 40, and the decade before this new chapter, I spent my time doing what I am most passionate about - personal and spiritual development.

I have always had a love for inner-work, and in 2008, I decided to leave a well-paid career as a management consultant and commit to my life-long passion. I went back to university, studied psychology, obtained life coaching qualifications, pursued a committed spiritual path and worked with phenomenal young adults in Southern Africa transforming their inner landscape to help create transformational change in the sub-continent.

At the end of 2016, my life changed rather suddenly. I found myself moving to Canada, getting married, and 6months later giving birth to my son.

I found the following two years very challenging. A lot was going on, and I experienced a lot of stress.  

Today, looking back on the first two years of my sons' life, I really regret that I allowed stress to reduce the quality of my experience of motherhood. 

Sadly, many mothers experience a similar reality. 

Modern day living generates stress at a rapid rate. It reduces our quality of life and has a devastating impact on individuals. Which then impacts our relationships, our families, and our communities. 
Unfortunately, motherhood has become one of a women's most significant challenges in today's modern society, with all it's glorious, heart-filling moments has become a women's most significant challenge in today's modern world. 

And that is how A Mother's Spark was born.

I genuinely want mothers' to have a different experience of motherhood. ​Not just for our own happiness and quality of life but also because we are torch bearers for our children. The quality of our own lives depends on the quality of our minds. Which has a direct impact on the quality of our children's minds and the quality of their lives. Not to mention the quality of our planet which has been so terribly mistreated for so long.


A Mother's Spark is all about letting your magic shine, from the inside out. The more radiantly you shine Mama, so too will the world!  

Much love,